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Back to Blaine tomorrow

Mt Baker from Anacortes Bay

We’re heading back to Blaine tomorrow (Monday 9/29/’19) having completed some more work on Hydraulics, electronics and new battery charger and new larger inverter systems. Still in process of installing the Cruise RO water-maker and some other electronics functions, but definitely closer to leaving Washington for B C and Alaska.

the neighbors after a post squall sun bake

I will miss my slip neighbors here at Cap Sante’ Marina. They’re actually very quiet and seem to want to keep to themselves. Good qualities in neighbors.

Took on Fuel yesterday and topped up the tanks Diesel in Wa. is a much better deal than Ca. I paid $2.30 a gal less the road taxes (don’t know the exact amount until I get the state rebate check) probably a couple C’s.

looking forward to a nice trip back op to Blaine tomorrow, the weather is supposed to be moderately sunny and no rain predicted.

Liam and Jose hard at it installing the new charging and inverter systems

Back to Anacortes 9/24/19

Lummi Island, enroute to Anacortes

Heading to Anacortes for a few days to complete some more work and get a couple more projects started. I still will be based in Blaine with a slip there, but the work continues. Also while in Anacortes I’ll take on some fuel, probably over 1200 gallons. The trip down has been uneventful, averaging 8.2 knots through the water and about 6.5 over the bottom due to tidal head current. The trip took about 6 hours, about 50 miles and used just under 6 gallons of diesel. So far all systems are working well.

back on the dock in Anacortes

Another change in plans

Blaine Wa.

There was no slip available in Anacortes, so we are in Blaine Wa. I will eventually get back to Anacortes for completion of work, but I needed a place for Caroline and Blaine Harbor is reasonable and a pretty harbor. The trip up from Bellingham was fairly uneventful except for the crab pots completely blocking all navigable waters between Bellingham and Blaine. There were thousands, as far as the eye could see and anywhere from three to twenty feet apart leaving no real maneuvering room. It was insane! I can’t believe the inconsideration of these crab fishers for other boaters.

We will be completing some more projects while in Blaine before heading over to Anacortes to finish up some of the others.

The town of Blaine reminds me of a New England fishing village small quaint and pretty, right on a shallow bay. Lots of tourists though, as the Canadian border is 100 yards away.

Almost ready to leave Bellingham

Caroline in the slip in Bellingham, Wa.
Caroline in the slip in Bellingham

We’ve been in Bellingham for two weeks. The engine work is finished. Both the main (Caterpillar) and auxiliary (Northern Lights 20 kw) are in great shape. All new hoses, belts, water-pumps, injectors, fuel lines, oil changes, filters and adjustments to tensions etc. Also new fuel-flow metering system installed, engine alarm system revamped and a working Hobbs meter installed. Every system I use, now that she’s back in the water, seems to need attention. I have worked on the heads, showers, and still need to replace or refurbish all the seemingly small things like the faucets and shower controllers.

I have a couple more days here, then back to Anacortes for some more work on the electronics and installation of the new water-maker. Also a bit more cabinetry and custom fittings. I still haven’t got a crewman. Have had a couple of potentials fall through and still have one candidate potentially available after September. I m hoping to leave for B C and Alaska by then, but can’t do this alone. Too old and encumbered to do it all myself. I sure do miss the days when single-handing a sixty footer was a piece of cake!

Anyway, I really looking forward to seeing Washington in my wake for a change.