Monthly Archives: November 2019

Still working away

The Water maker panel and cabinet

Still working on systems, New water-maker, and new cabinetry to accommodate it. Also still in the process of rewiring and adding an isolation transformer to handle all possible electrical inputs. I’ve installed the new ladder to the Fly-bridge hard top and now am designing a new Kayak deck chock to carry both kayaks on the forward house-top. I will be back in Santa Ynez for Thanksgiving and a couple of medial appointments. It looks like I will be able to take off for Alaska right after Jan. 1st.

New ladder. 13.5 feet tall
New custom aluminum propane tank mount and tank.

Above are some Great Blue Herons. They sit here waiting for the tide to go out so they can forage for clams and other crustaceans. Sometimes there are bald eagles sitting here as well.

Twin Kayaks