Monthly Archives: July 2022

April to July 2022

Here it is July 2022 and I’m finally getting back to posting on this web page. I have been down to Wrangell Alaska and had the bulbous bow modifications done by Steve Keller of Keller Marine Svcs. The job went well once we got started, but there were many delays in getting to the starting point and haulout at the shipyard in Wrangell.  I got into Wrangell on May 2, 2022 after texting back and forth with Keller Marine. We finally got hauled out of the water on June 17, 2022. Work began on June 20. The work was finished including faring, epoxy coat, barrier coat and bottom paint on July third. Boat was splashed on July 5th, 2022. It took around five days to get the boat cleaned up after all the fiberglass dust, yard dirt and winter mold so we could get underway again. I single handed back to Petersburg for an electronics program update and installation of a new Furuno SCX 20 Satellite compass. After three days in Petersburg, I took off for Juneau, again solo. Made the trip in one long day but had a great trip, lots of sea life and not too much rain or wind.  Caroline performed well, cruising at 7+ knots and burning less than 2 gph of diesel.

The results of all the time and work have been truly worth it. The net result is about a knot of speed at the same RPMs and increased range. Not sure about the total benefit toward the hobby horsing problem yet as I have yet to experience head-seas of any real size. Got back to Juneau on July 14 at 9:00 pm.