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Getting a few things done

April 21, Easter Sunday

Today was supposed to be sunny, but it turned out to be mostly cloudy and a bit on the cool side. I did, however, get the El Toro sailing dinghy varnished. She looks pretty good for being almost 40 years old.

sanded for varnish
finished product
Masthead spar-fly new aft flood light

Among the other things done this week are the wind instruments, spar fly, new mast lighting, WIFI enhancement system andantenna, Cell signal enhancement system and antenna and new spreader lights to flood side decks.

It has been pretty rainy and cold these last two weeks, but it looks as if the weather may break by the second week in May. I hope so as I’ll be back up here on the 9th of May for another two week stay. Hopefully we can get the side curtains doe by then, and I can get some more work done toward getting Caroline back in the water. Tomorrow and Tuesday are supposed to be rainy, so back into the engine room for me. I fly home early Wednesday.


I drove home to the Valley on Saturday March 30th having secured the top, set up for the side curtain fabrication, designed and ordered new dinghy chocks for the sailing dinghy and reassembling the new deck boxes. I have my final post cataract exam on the 10th of April and will head back up to Anacortes on the 11th.

new top secured
El Toro sailing dinghy
One of two new teak deck boxes

I should be up there for the installation of the Sat-Com electronics, the Wi-Fi enhancement package and cell phone optimizing electronics. Also some paint and varnish work for me to do as well as being able to see the new main salon cabinetry.

Area outlined in black, after portion of salon where new cabinets will be located.

All in all, it should be a productive two weeks. My crew man, Brian Schnuir, should be joining me soon. I’m really looking forward to seeing him in person and to having his help with the provisioning and the rest of the prep work.