Monthly Archives: February 2021

Snow in Ketchikan

Valentines Day Feb. 14, 2021. Snowing again in Ketchikan. The weather has been pretty bad this winter, blowing a lot and rain/snow. The last four days have been in the teens 14-20 degrees and very windy. Warmed up today, 29-33, but snowing. Most likely it will not stick because the temperature is too high, but it’s still kind of pretty.

These two, the bald eagle and the osprey, are hanging out together on the breakwater about 60 feet apart. This is pretty odd behavior for them as they normally are fighting over fishing/hunting rights here.

That’s about all that is new, I will be starting to prep the boat for some cruising doing oil and filter changes and some other small maintenance items. Hope to actually be able to cruise in two weeks. Supposed to be a weather break. We’ll see.