Monthly Archives: March 2020

Still In Blaine, Wa

We are still in Blaine, still trying to complete the remaining projects. The weather here has not been cooperating. It has been pretty much continuous rain and also cold. There has been record rainfall, even for Seattle. I am taking my accomplishments as I can, and trying to not get too discouraged by the amount of time required to get some of these projects done. It is also tough to do some of this work alone as it requires, almost always, a second person on the other end. Below is the new forward housetop Butterfly hatch deck box. It weighs over a hundred pounds and has a huge capacity for deck gear, dock lines and fenders. We will mount it next Monday as we are supposed to have some sunshine. After it’s attached to the housetop I will varnish it and install latch hardware.

Completed Deck Box
Gutter detail
stopwater detail
stopwater detail
More stopwater detail
Butterfly Hatch, one wing open

I am also nearly finished with the propane stove installation, just waiting for a custom made one-piece hose from the propane tanks located aft on the flying bridge to the galley which is situated forward of amidships. I will try to install the new stern anchor chocks on Monday also. That will give me two more completed projects. Anyway, back to this rainy Thursday.