Monthly Archives: December 2018

Ongoing Upgrades

Monday Dec,17, 2018

The good news is that some of the upgrading and reconfiguration is actually underway. The bad news is none of it is completed yet and I leave for home on Wednesday. I drove up to Anacortes this time to bring some tools and equipment. I left Santa Ynez on the 10th, got to Soledad and had to turn around and go all the way back to Santa Maria for car repairs. So I finally got on the road about noon, 8 hours after I started at 4 AM that morning. Got to Eureka around 8 PM, went to bed and got up on the 11th at 4AM to head to Seattle. Arrived in Seattle in torrential rainstorms at 3:30, had dinner with a friend and got up next morning at 5. Did a bit of business and hit the road for Anacortes. I spent the next two days (Dec. 13-14) contacting sub contractors and doing some maintenance and repair projects, On Friday I managed to nail down the instrumentation layout for the bridge and pilothouse and ordered all new audio electronics. The pictures below show the work in progress on the bridge and the boxes of new equipment in the salon awaiting installation. Saturday I did some of the minor Survey recommendations. On Sunday my old friend Bill Gesler came up from South Washington to see the boat and we had lunch and caught up. great little diversion. Today was more of the same, meeting with subs, working on small items. I did get the black tanks emptied! It’s getting cold and black again, more rain expected. Tomorrow is my last day here until after Christmas sometime. I will come back up for the installation of the new fly-bridge hardtop. after that it’s on to the cabinetry and completion of the main salon.

I’ll try to keep up with this posting a bit more frequently. -Pete