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Back Aboard June 3rd

The El Toro dinghy in it’s new chocks on the aft housetop

I’ll be heading back to Anacortes on the 2nd of June to try to get the rest of the projects far enough along to get Caroline back in the water. I did make some progress last trip though. The dinghy is in it’s own chocks, upright on the aft housetop, the communications antennae are in and cables pulled, supposedly the cabinetry will be done by the time I get back to the boat and I got the new lazarette hatch installed as well as the lazarette itself built. Finally, a stowage for the stern anchor rode, fenders, docklines, and miscellaneous line and deck gear. Check out the new sat-com dome above the Radar scanner and the two white antenna canisters in the above photo. These are the Wi-Fi and Cellular enhancement receiver antennae. I have developed a hernia that will need to be taken care of soon. It is interfering with my ability to be flexible enough to get into some of the tighter areas of the boat that I need to be able to work in. Also it affects my lifting capabilities. All around an unpleasant situation. Some times I think maybe something is telling me to slow down a bit. Oh well. off to the Dr.s office tomorrow.