Monthly Archives: February 2020

A Cold, Wet Winter

snow on the forward house top
snow piled up outside the pilothouse door

Well it has been a long cold and eventful winter so far. I seem to be experiencing a lot of failures. First the wiring was replaced and completely upgraded, then the charging system off the main engine took a dump, so new high output alternator and regulator/ACR systems. New main engine pre-heat components and main engine ground circuit. All systems now are breaker and fuse protected or both, positive and negative legs.

some of the new wiring
starboard side new battery banks, same on port side.
New HO Alternator

Then we had a really cold snap and the Webasto furnace quit working. The Shore power can’t keep up with the demands for power out this far on the finger, so the three space heaters can only be run at half power to prevent blowing circuit breakers due to overload. With temps in the single digits, 2-7 degrees Fahrenheit, for a few days I resorted to using the generator and electric galley stove for extra heat. Then the stove blew the 220v resistor and quit working. So now I am still in the throes of repairing the furnace and am installing the new galley stove and propane system for it.

troublesome Webasto furnace
New Force Ten Propane stove, oven and broiler
space prepped for the new stove, just needs a coat or several of varnish

The Water maker still need to be installed, the cabin side port lights sweat like mad in the cold weather. I need to figure out how to cure that problem as they drip water almost as much as if the were leaking. I think it must be the moisture from my breathing and from cooking below that puts humidity into the air and the cold transference from the glass and metal frames that causes the condensation. There still is a need for touch-up paint and lots of varnish also. It’s so wet all the time that I can’t even clean the exterior very well.

Hopefully the weather will improve soon so I can really get at some of these projects and finally get underway! My neighbors, this eagle couple, don’t really seem to mind the weather as much as I do, but then all hey really need is a belly full of fish or other prey.

my neighbors, the bald eagles

So, back to work for me for now.