Long Distance Cruising

Another change in plans

Blaine Wa.

There was no slip available in Anacortes, so we are in Blaine Wa. I will eventually get back to Anacortes for completion of work, but I needed a place for Caroline and Blaine Harbor is reasonable and a pretty harbor. The trip up from Bellingham was fairly uneventful except for the crab pots completely blocking all navigable waters between Bellingham and Blaine. There were thousands, as far as the eye could see and anywhere from three to twenty feet apart leaving no real maneuvering room. It was insane! I can’t believe the inconsideration of these crab fishers for other boaters.

We will be completing some more projects while in Blaine before heading over to Anacortes to finish up some of the others.

The town of Blaine reminds me of a New England fishing village small quaint and pretty, right on a shallow bay. Lots of tourists though, as the Canadian border is 100 yards away.