Back to Blaine tomorrow

Mt Baker from Anacortes Bay

We’re heading back to Blaine tomorrow (Monday 9/29/’19) having completed some more work on Hydraulics, electronics and new battery charger and new larger inverter systems. Still in process of installing the Cruise RO water-maker and some other electronics functions, but definitely closer to leaving Washington for B C and Alaska.

the neighbors after a post squall sun bake

I will miss my slip neighbors here at Cap Sante’ Marina. They’re actually very quiet and seem to want to keep to themselves. Good qualities in neighbors.

Took on Fuel yesterday and topped up the tanks Diesel in Wa. is a much better deal than Ca. I paid $2.30 a gal less the road taxes (don’t know the exact amount until I get the state rebate check) probably a couple C’s.

looking forward to a nice trip back op to Blaine tomorrow, the weather is supposed to be moderately sunny and no rain predicted.

Liam and Jose hard at it installing the new charging and inverter systems

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    Good morning big brother! The pictures posted sure show some of the majestic environs you are exposed to. So grand and frontier like. The photo of the “tanker” with Mt. Baker in the distance reminds me of crewing on the freighter hauling newsprint and paper pulp up in the inlets of BC. Snow capped peaks, lots of pines, Orca dorsals, and wild tide shifts! Looking forward to coming for a visit and seeing those sights and hearing the sounds. Stay warm, enjoy the salads, buy some new pants, and keep sending posts and pictures. Take care and stay in touch, Susan and me


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