Long Distance Cruising

Almost ready to leave Bellingham

Caroline in the slip in Bellingham, Wa.
Caroline in the slip in Bellingham

We’ve been in Bellingham for two weeks. The engine work is finished. Both the main (Caterpillar) and auxiliary (Northern Lights 20 kw) are in great shape. All new hoses, belts, water-pumps, injectors, fuel lines, oil changes, filters and adjustments to tensions etc. Also new fuel-flow metering system installed, engine alarm system revamped and a working Hobbs meter installed. Every system I use, now that she’s back in the water, seems to need attention. I have worked on the heads, showers, and still need to replace or refurbish all the seemingly small things like the faucets and shower controllers.

I have a couple more days here, then back to Anacortes for some more work on the electronics and installation of the new water-maker. Also a bit more cabinetry and custom fittings. I still haven’t got a crewman. Have had a couple of potentials fall through and still have one candidate potentially available after September. I m hoping to leave for B C and Alaska by then, but can’t do this alone. Too old and encumbered to do it all myself. I sure do miss the days when single-handing a sixty footer was a piece of cake!

Anyway, I really looking forward to seeing Washington in my wake for a change.