Long Distance Cruising

Disappointing day at the shipyard. January 14, 2019

Well damn. I got to the shipyard bright and early on the 14th to start getting the boat ready to lift the new hard-top sections up on the existing framework from the canvas top. The boys from Boater’s Discount, who built the top, arrived about ten thirty and we began to lift the sections into place. The after section has to go up first, because it needs to slide under the radar arch before the forward section can be lifted into place for attachment to the aft section. At any rate, we lifted the aft section and carefully but with some slight urging began to slide and maneuver it into it’s position. We got it about 75% of the way into position and the top hit the mast shrouds and the radar arch. It wasn’t going any farther. The yard guys went to lunch and we had to get the top back in position to lift it off. After an hour lunch break, the crane operator, Chuck, came back and we lifted the top back onto the trailer to send it back to the shop to be modified. I hope this time the shop crew pays attention to the patterns rather than making assumptions and modifying the design on their own accord. It will be at least two weeks before we get another opportunity to fly (lift) this very large section into place. The wind in Anacortes can be brutal in winter. These top sections are over 12 feet wide and about ten feet each in length, so that presents a “sail area” of about 120 square feet. way too much to crane lift (or fly, as we call it) safely into position when being buffeted by forty knot winds.

Anyway, the day was not a complete loss, as the electronics package was almost completed and we got to fire up most of the instrumentation for the first time. Everything seems to work as it should, even though all of the input options are not there yet. Below are some pics of the days disappointments and accomplishments.